11 Japanese Home Decor Ideas to Transform Your Condo

The Japanese have encapsulated three elements to stay unique from other decors when it comes to home designs. It is minimalistic, natural, and above all, functional. Even the popular Japandi style, a blend between Scandinavian interiors and modern Japanese culture, embodies those three elements. And because of these elements, Japanese design features have become a

Buying an Upscale Condo in the Philippines: A Definitive Guide

It is every person’s dream to own a home. The sense of accomplishment and stability that comes with homeownership is something we all aspire for. A home under your name provides you a safe space to retreat to when life gets a little too demanding—a happy sanctuary to celebrate milestones or even a worthy investment

Seamless living at BGC

Property developer Federal Land Inc. (FLI) is building a mixed-use community called Grand Central Park (GCP) in North Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. The 10-hectare master-planned community is home to exclusive contemporary residences, various dining destinations, and retail and lifestyle hubs. “These are unusual times. And with developments such as GCP, we are able to

An In-Depth Look On the Demand for Upscale Condos

Over a year into the pandemic, numerous economies from all across the globe, including the Philippines, are on their way towards recovery. However, despite the previous declines, specific sectors remain resilient even in the face of a global pandemic.  Among these markets, the stable demand for upscale condos in the Philippines shows promise as it

5 Ways to Bring the Japandi Style Into Your Home

Minimalism has evolved over the years, combining cultural and architectural styles that honor simplicity and clean, clutter-free spaces while accentuating the attractive architectural features of a specific style. Japandi is one of the recent, trending interior designs that take a cue from minimalist design principles.  Leni Calas of Ward 5 Design defines Japandi as “the

8 Reasons Why High-Rise Living is Right for You

Then and now, many individuals, couples, and families go for high-rise condominiums for the ultimate premium experience of living in the city. In fact, despite the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, there came a higher demand for high-end projects in the Philippines. According to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ Residential Real Estate Price Index (RREPI), this

Essential Amenities That a High-End Condo Must Have

Similar to how you check the specifications and features of a smartphone before purchasing, it’s crucial to weigh different factors when purchasing or investing in real estate. You should consider the location, accessibility, neighborhood, and developer’s reputation to make sure you’re putting your hard-earned money in the right place. For new high-end condominiums, one of

7 Functional Japanese Design Features for Your Home

Japanese design elements are distinctive—they’re unique and like no other. Think pod or capsule hotels, which are unbelievably functional despite their tiny space. Similarly, Japanese home design is simple yet efficient, even in today’s modern standards of living. Japanese homes masterfully utilize design principles that promote minimalism, decluttering, and natural elements, without sacrificing form and