7 Interior Design Tips To Bring Natural Elements Into Your Condo

Designing your home’s interior can be an exciting endeavor. You can choose a theme that reflects your personality, making your space feel more like home. No matter what theme it is and how you personalize your space, one trend that’s a staple in interiors is incorporating natural elements.

Nature helps create a peaceful and soothing atmosphere. So when it’s integrated into your home, you can expect to have your mind and body refreshed after a long day. Especially if you live in the city, you’ll be needing a break from the daily hustle and bustle. But how can you bring nature (and its calming benefits) into your home? Read this article to find out!

Why Use Natural Elements?

Natural elements can instantly add texture, character, warm tones, and sustainability to your place. Using decorations and structuring your property out of natural components is a great way to leverage available resources in the environment. It also gives you a vast array of décor options to choose from. 

As a bonus, natural elements such as hardwood or stone are very durable and can increase the endurance of your property. Similarly, several studies have shown that a natural interior design can improve your creativity, performance, well-being, and productivity from a psychological perspective. 

Even in workplaces, experts proved that buildings with natural elements in their interior design could decrease blood pressure, encourage positive emotions, and improve short-term memory. For this reason, nature has always been a significant and present aspect of multicultural architectural history.

7 Tips on How to Bring Natural Elements Into Your Condo

  1. Bring in the green

    natural interior design
    Filling your home with
    plants can purify the air in your space, bring you closer to nature, create a calming atmosphere, reduce anxiety, and instantly liven up your home. Additionally, taking care of indoor plants can be a relaxing and fulfilling hobby.

    You can purchase succulents, cacti, ferns, or orchids for starters because they require minimal attention. As you progress further into your plant journey, adding herbs to your kitchen, an air-purifying aloe vera in your room, or a bamboo plant in your bathroom (which thrives in moist environments) can add pots of joy to your place.

  2. Bank on natural furniture

    Investing in
    furniture made from natural materials can further connect you to nature, prolong the life of your furniture, give a modern classic look to your home, and create a sophisticated, timeless style.

    Typically, quality wooden tables, shelves, headboards, utensils, walls, floorings, painting frames, or sofas are excellent choices that go well with any design scheme. Moreover, natural furniture is your best bet if you’re aiming for a minimalist and modular Japanese home design.

  3. Open your windows

    Let the sunlight travel in your space by opening your windows or using sheer curtains. Sunlight exposure will encourage photosynthesis in your plants, refresh and brighten any room, allow the fresh breeze to enter, and cheer up your surroundings. It will also increase your daily dose of
    vitamin D, which can be advantageous in preventing depression, promoting weight loss, and elevating your mood.

    To reflect and complement the sunlight, painting your walls with light colors, adding mirrors, and using light fixtures inspired by nature can make your home even more airy, glowy, and carefree.

  4. Add stone elements

    Using pebbles and rocks as decors can bring a part of the forest, creeks, and rivers to your home. Adding a
    stone floor in your shower, using natural stones as a backsplash in your kitchen, or simply filling a bowl or vase with pebbles can give your place a zen look.

    Apart from its aesthetic, pebbles and rocks are non-slip and heat-absorbing (preventing moisture). These characteristics make stone perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, and other humid areas.

  5. Add water elements

    Water features are luxurious elements that enhance both your eyesight and hearing. The sound of water is an excellent reminder of your retreats and vacations. It makes you recall calming memories you picked up from TV, media, and personal experiences.

    Water also represents life, covering 70% of the earth’s surface, and is a necessity that enables all living things to survive. There is a deeply-rooting biological connection that people make with it. By adding an aquarium, slate water wall, or waterfall to your entrance or master bedroom, the sight and sounds of water can trigger the neurochemicals in your brain. This improves blood circulation and promotes relaxation.

  6. Invest in nature-themed decorations

    Using nature-themed accessories such as flora or fauna printed cushions, throws, wallpapers, bedding, pictures, or paintings can establish a sleek and calming statement to your place. Shells, stones, and driftwoods can also be a great addition to your shelves and tabletops.

  7. Fill the space with a natural aroma

    In contrast to synthetic perfume that can cause nausea, lung irritation, or migraines, the natural aroma in essential oils, candles, and organic scents does not contain harmful chemicals and toxins.

    Diffusing your space with a natural aroma and enhancing your sense of smell will significantly influence your mindset and mood. For instance, the scent of rosemary can improve your memory, while lavender can promote sleep. Similarly, aromas such as pine trees, eucalyptus, or juniper can simulate the outdoors. 

Make Your Home a Sanctuary

Incorporating natural elements into your interior design is a great way to connect with nature, unwind from the urban setting, and create a sanctuary that promotes your health and well-being. 

Incorporating nature into your condo doesn’t have to be tedious and costly. Even the smallest additions will make your space feel brighter and more relaxing without sacrificing its style and charm.

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