High-end condo amenities

Essential Amenities That a High-End Condo Must Have

Similar to how you check the specifications and features of a smartphone before purchasing, it’s crucial to weigh different factors when purchasing or investing in real estate. You should consider the location, accessibility, neighborhood, and developer’s reputation to make sure you’re putting your hard-earned money in the right place.

For new high-end condominiums, one of the significant deciding factors are the amenities. In a time of crisis like a pandemic, features like wellness areas, fitness centers, and open spaces should be within reach.

If you’re on the lookout for the ideal high-end condo, it’s okay to set your expectations high. After all, it’s a high-ticket purchase or investment, so it should have the essential amenities that will make tenants’ lives more plentiful and provide a sense of exclusivity.

Here’s a roundup of amenities to keep an eye on for your high-end condo purchase.

  1. Fresh, open spaces

    It’s not uncommon for high-end condos to provide outdoor spaces like a rooftop garden and open areas. High-end condos are designed to have everything for its residents. This is why condo owners appreciate spaces that offer fresh air and some greenery, with a nice view to boot.

    Watching sunrises or sunsets right outside your door or through the window is something that has become a luxury, especially when you spend most days at home due to quarantine guidelines. Having accessible open spaces where you can breathe in outside air and see the outside world from a safe distance is a tenant’s benchmark for quality of life.

  2. Fitness and wellness centers

  3. Many condo buyers look for facilities that can help improve their lives. For instance, well-equipped fitness areas closer to home would be more convenient and motivating to have, instead of getting membership elsewhere. The same goes for wellness and relaxation spaces like spa and sauna rooms.

    In a time like a pandemic, it’s nice to have a gym and a wellness space that’s within reach instead of going to crowded establishments, as they reduce the risk of transmission since these amenities are exclusive for tenants. High-end condos typically have fitness and wellness centers with spacious interiors, high designs, full-service spas, treatment rooms, and state-of-the-art cardio, strength, and other equipment.

  4. Stunning Swimming Pools

    Water activities for fun and relaxation are always attractive features. They’re functional and luxurious, helping alleviate stress and serving as an accessible area for residents to cool off during intense summer days or for a quick refreshing break during extended stays indoors.

    Swimming pools benefit people of all ages, and it’s one of the amenities that truly completes a condo-living experience. In high-end towers, pools come in all shapes and sizes and are accompanied by bars, hot tubs, changing rooms, and a poolside lounge, exuding a resort-like ambiance. Some high-end condos also feature various kinds of swimming pools under one roof, such as heated lap pools, kiddie pools, and outdoor pools surrounded by lush greens and manicured gardens.

  5. Innovative and practical technology

    What else speaks high-end other than smart technologies incorporated in condo buildings? Innovative technologies such as smart locks, an all-in-one mobile app for residents, Wi-Fi-as-a-service, automatic lights, instant payments, and electric car outlets are just some of the modern amenities that give off that genuine elevated lifestyle.

  6. Convenient Shared Facilities

    Shared areas like lounges, playrooms, libraries, function rooms, business lounges, and game rooms provide tenants various ways to enjoy themselves or unwind without going far. Having convenient access to these amenities can benefit different types of residents, including families and young professionals.

    Students and workers can also use libraries as an alternative setting for remote learning or working. If they feel unmotivated because of staying indoors too long, they can head to these areas to uplift their spirits or put them in the right mindset.

  7. Security and safety

    Spacious concierge and strict security should be standard minimum requirements for high-end luxuries. Residents want to feel safe, especially in a high-end condo, so look for properties that enforce stringent security and safety measures.

    Some of the things you’ll want to look into are alarm systems, security cameras, a secured package delivery process, safe parking spaces, strict visiting policies, and 24-hour security. These factors provide renters with peace of mind,  whether they’re home alone or away for leisure. The exclusivity and maximum security make high-end condos a safe property investment.

High-End Convenience and Comfort Right at Your Doorstep

High-end condos are a serious investment, so it’s vital to know what you want and be smart about your deciding factors. Make sure to list your needs and preferences—from amenities to unit checklists—to find the condo unit of your dreams.

Enjoy 5-star living every day when you live in high-end condos that provide thoughtful and lifestyle-centric amenities. With the ones mentioned above, you’re bound to experience condo life without a dull moment.

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