11 Japanese Home Decor Ideas to Transform Your Condo

The Japanese have encapsulated three elements to stay unique from other decors when it comes to home designs. It is minimalistic, natural, and above all, functional. Even the popular Japandi style, a blend between Scandinavian interiors and modern Japanese culture, embodies those three elements.

And because of these elements, Japanese design features have become a staple for many. One of the reasons people like Japanese design is how it brings calming effects on the mind and body. 

If you find yourself interested in achieving this type of arrangement for your home, choosing the best décor that embodies the aesthetic is key. 


11 Ways to Transform your Condo with Japanese Home Décor


Decorating your home can be a great way to liven up your living space and make it feel the most comfortable. Here are a few interior ideas you can use to achieve your own Japanese-style condo.

  1. Natural Elements

    japanese decor

    If you want to make your space cater to a Japanese aesthetic, consider adding elements such as traditional plants. These can include bonsai trees, orchids, bamboo, or similar greenery. You can place these near large and wide windows or use them as a centerpiece for your living room table. 
  2. Sliding Doors and Screens

    japanese decor shoji

    Also known as Shoji, traditional sliding doors are often made from paper and frames made from Japanese wood. However, modern designs can also consist of glass panels. Not only will a sliding door blend well into achieving a Japanese aesthetic, but it can also be a practical way to save space.

  3. Japanese-style Foyer

    japanese foyer genkan

    The entrance is the first thing your guests encounter when entering your condo. If you want to leave a bigger impression on them, consider a Japanese-style foyer or “Genkan.” More commonly, this area serves as a space to remove and store shoes before entering your home.

  4. Lanterns

    japanese decor lanterns

    Traditional paper lanterns have a long history in many Asian cultures. While they were originally lit using candles, plenty of alternatives use electric bulbs or battery-operated lights to ensure safe lighting in your condo. Apart from that, they can also blend well with most interior designs, especially if you’re rooting for a Japanese aesthetic. 
  5. Ikebana


    Ikebana is a Japanese flower arrangement technique that incorporates structure and minimalistic elements to your living space. In its essence, this interior design teaches you to reflect on acceptance regarding the imperfections in natural beauty. It creates a calm and relaxing ambiance, reducing stress levels and refreshing you. 
  6. Wooden Furniture

    japanese wooden furniture

    Incorporating wooden pieces in your condo space can be a simple way to tune into the Japanese aesthetic. These can include chairs, tables, bed frames, walls, and flooring made from traditional Japanese wood or bamboo. Small decorative items such as wooden vases or art pieces are also excellent natural pieces to add to the space. 
  7. Neutral Color Palette

    neutral color palette

    Japanese homes often incorporate neutral tones to create a clean and spacious environment. This helps introduce a natural calming effect that can help you relax around your space. At the same time, sticking to this palette allows you to change your design elements more easily in the future. 
  8. Tatami Mats

    tatami mats

    Tatami mats are unique to Japanese homes as they provide a way to regulate interior humidity. Not only do they help you infuse Japanese-inspired interiors into your living space, but they can also offer great comfort. 
  9. Calligraphy Scrolls

    japanese calligraphy scrolls

    In Japan, calligraphy is not only a means of communication but is also considered a valuable art form that can evoke wisdom and harmony. These days, this type of decoration is used to remind yourself of your goals or a motto you want to incorporate into your lifestyle. 

    More often, you have the option of making your own décor or having it translated and made by a professional. 

  10. Circular Motifs

    circular motifs

    Circular motifs allow you to highlight individual pieces around your home while maintaining a minimalistic approach. From a psychological point, it can also represent a sense of unity and harmony that many Japanese households embody. 

Oriental Condo Transformation 

Japanese interiors are known for their beauty and simplicity, where the focus is to create a minimalistic yet practical designed space. Those who deeply love nature and follow the Zen philosophy often feel attracted to this aesthetic and may want to incorporate this into their living areas. 

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