Federal Land’s The Seasons Residences Integrates Earthquake Technology in BGC | Lamudi

Federal Land continues to innovate its projects to ensure building safety and worthiness. The Seasons Residences, a Japanese-inspired condominium complex in Bonifacio Global City, is a perfect testimony of how Federal Land prioritizes safety in its developments. The condominium towers are designed to withstand strong earthquakes and even strong winds during typhoons through the integration of the Viscoelastic Coupler Damping (VCD) system in its building design. The VCD technology, as developed by Japan’s Nippon Steel Engineering Group, absorbs vibrations and helps dissipate an earthquake’s energy to minimize possible damage to a tall building. Occupants of high-rises built with damping technology will feel less vibration than those in buildings that do not have it. The best benefit of the technology is its ability to absorb vibrations and thus make the building steadier and safer.